Traveler Casserole Dish


When the adventure calls for something more than what you would usually fuel up with, the Weber Traveler Casserole Dish is ready to go. When used with the Traveler Trivet (sold separately), creating hearty and delicious soups, stews or a flavour packed curry is simple. Perfect to warm up after a day out on the water, or to fuel up for a day off the beaten track, adding a Weber Traveler Casserole Dish to your packing list will help you feed the adventure in all new ways!

• To be used with Weber Traveler Trivet
• Scratch resistant TI™️ coated surface for easy cleaning
• Dual detachable handles makes both using the casserole dish and transporting it simple
• Boil water, poach eggs, create sauces, stews, soups and much more
• With a capacity of 3 litres, you can make enough for a solo trip or to feed the whole crew!
Part Number: #18429

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